Porter-Cable FR350B

Porter-Cable FR350B Best Framing Nailer

A nail firearm is the best arrangement in the event that you need to drive a great deal of nails effectively and with insignificant time and exertion. Nailers can drive through a large number of nails a day, precisely and furthermore reliably. Best Framing Nailer

This is the reason having the capacity to locate the correct sort of nail firearm is critical for both experts and DIY-ers alike.

Some all around outlined nail firearms accessible today can make picking one appear like an overwhelming assignment. All things considered, It’s imperative to comprehend what sort of nail firearm to use for the current venture. Best Framing Nailer

Also, the Porter Cable FR350B is a confining nailer outlined particularly to drive nails of different sizes. Lightweight encircling nailers are intended to be anything but difficult to utilize. Along these lines they include a trigger lockout for contact incitation or prohibitive mode to make things less demanding.

Another advantage is that it utilizes a full round head and plastic ordered nails with an over-formed grasp for better taking care of. Best Framing Nailer


Can drive nails up to 3-1/2-inch by 0.131-inch

Weight: 7.3 pounds

Device free customizable profundity of drive

Selectable trigger with trigger lockout

Magazine set at 22 degrees to the drive pivot

Aces Best Framing Nailer

Very much planned and tough

Weighs 7.3 pounds

Over-formed hold

Easy to use

Effortlessly stacked

Sufficiently effective to drive a 3-inch nail straight through a 2X4 bit of wood with insignificant exertion

Infrequently sticks or failures to fire

Trigger bolt for upgraded wellbeing

Comes furnished with hanging snare

Cons Best Framing Nailer

Wellbeing is delicate and you should completely participate with a specific end goal to flame

A few nails may should be pounded in light of the fact that it needs 110 – 120 psig air supply to shoot 16D spikes

May start when driving nails, reduces with augmented utilize

May build up an air spill before long, bringing about expert or at-home repair


In conclusion the Porter-Cable FR350B is all around composed and said to be the best confining nailer by numerous in view of it’s convenience and solace . The over-shaped grasp makes it simple to hold and agreeable. Because of the lightweight outline, this surrounding nailer handles pleasantly amid augmented utilize. Best Framing Nailer

It has a few wellbeing highlights, the most striking being its lockout trigger. It seldom sticks and can drive through several nails without issue. In general, the Porter-Cable FR350B is an extraordinary alternative in case you’re searching for a decent surrounding nailer without a robust sticker price.

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