Bostitch PN50 Mini IMPACT Nailer

Bostitch PN50 Mini IMPACT Nailer

Bostitch PN50 Mini IMPACT Nailer
Palm nailers are becoming popular because of their superior accuracy and control over the nailing job in confined spots where no other power nailer or hammer can work efficiently. The BOSTITCH PN50 MINI IMPACT NAILER is a simple, handy and portable tool to get nail jobs done quickly. It is one of the best seller products due to its excellent product quality, small size, compactness, ultra light weight and elegant design, the ability to do work in tight space. It can be used for different nail jobs that require accuracy of nail and hammer whether it is framing or finishing. It is also a good choice for working in tightly confined spaces, small corners, and edges where regular hammer or nail gun just can’t reach. Because of its lightweight, it allows the user to work without being worried about hand pain or wrist strain due to prolong usage. It doesn’t matter if one is a novice in doing nail jobs, it is a breeze to use.


This mini impact Best Framing Nailer PN50 comes with 360 degrees swivel air fitting. It is made to work well with the beginners to do nail jobs as all you have to do is attaching the air hose to the Best Framing Nailer guide the nail into the magnetic opening and start to work the rest is done by the PN50 mini nailer. It is able to do jobs in small areas quickly with little effort and pressure. It is a good tool for its price range as it is handy and compact doing jobs at such places where it is almost impossible to swing a hammer.


The body of mini impact nailer has a rubber grip which acts as insulator and shock absorber to reduce vibration making it easy to fit in hand and prevent wrist straining during extended use for a variety of projects. You can use it with wearing gloves or without gloves both provide an excellent grip on the tool but it is much better to use gloves with such kind of power tools.

It also includes 360 degrees swivel air fitting for maximum accessibility allowing it to do work in tight areas and angulated corners wherein it fits more easily and drive nails quickly and in the proper place as guided. PN50 mini palm nailer uses 80 to 100 PSI but it works more effectively and well at 100 PSI and at this PSI it can drive bigger nails too with less vibration and noise at maximum PSI.

It also has a magnetic locating tip for nails to get stuck in for guiding at the proper place. It is an ideal tool for use with metal connectors and loose nails which are up to 8mm in diameter.


It is extremely lightweight tool weighing only 1 pound. Its width is 63mm, length is 80 mm and height is 107mm. Despite its compactness and light weight, it can do the majority of nail jobs quickly and easily. It is very strong and powerful tool although being very light weight one can think that it doesn’t do nail jobs but it is one of the best tools to drive common bulk finish nails, joist hanging and metal connectors.


It also has a front exhaust that directs air pressure away from users hand unlike many other palm nailers, which can throw dust and particles on users hand making work a dirty mess. So it’s a big advantage of this tool. But it is not a big deal as it has many other advantages that this can be kept aside.

Pros and Cons


  • First due to its lightweight and small size it fits in hand nicely allowing to do work for a longer time without getting hand pain or wrist straining.
  • It reduces vibration during work because of rubberized grip making its handling easy and comfortable. In addition, it reduces noise during its operation.
  • Offering 360 degrees swivel air fitting which benefits to work efficiently in any area confined or open. It easily fits into tight places doing work efficiently and in less time
  • PN50 mini impact Best Framing Nailer is designed to do nail jobs on various materials including wood, plastic, and others.


  • PN50 mini impact Best Framing Nailer does not come with a storage case so you have to take care of this tiny tool on your own.
  • Little assembly of parts needed before first-time use but that is not a big deal because it can be done easily according to the manual provided with the mini impact Best Framing Nailer
  • Another disadvantage of this tool is that the exhaust airflow cannot be adjusted according to the need, which can be a problem in small tight areas or in areas of odd angles as some air might be pushed back towards the user’s hand.


The BOSTITCH PN50 mini impact Best Framing Nailer gets thumbs up. It is ultra light weight timesaver tool making things get done easily and quickly with less effort from users side. It is a good deal at such a low price. You can’t get such an amazing tool at this price to get nail jobs are done with so much ease and accuracy. It is an awesome tool to accomplish any nail job whether it is timber nails, framing, bulk finish, metal connectors, joist hangers and much more. It can drive nuts easily up to 3.5’’ in any material and also it doesn’t matter whether you are doing nail job for the very first time or you are an expert it has the benefit of going well easily with the first time users. It can be used to drive any size of a loose nail which fits in its magnetic locator tip. It is a good option for doing small projects with any nail size. It is a strong powerful handy tool in this price range. So if you want to buy a tool to get nail jobs done easily, quickly and in areas where other regular tools are hard to reach you must consider buying BOSTITCH PN50 mini impact nailer.

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