B&C Eagle Collated Plastic Fas

B&C Eagle Collated Plastic Fas

B&C Eagle Collated Plastic Fas

American fastening systems home of B&C Eagles was founded in 1955 when there was a need to have collateral fasteners which are capable of being accommodated in a variety of pneumatic, gas, and battery operated tools. In addition to this American fastening system released B&C Eagle products in the same year of 1955 to make the pairing of devices with appropriate fasteners easy and quick providing their customers to get their nails jobs done easily and quickly. B&C Eagle collated nails are made ensuring high-quality standards and are capable of working with different tools like Bostitch, Senco, Dewalt, Hitachi and many others. These B&C Eagle 3 inches 22 degrees bright smooth shank plastic coated collated framing nails are also compatible with wide variety of nail guns. Not compromising on quality standards only good quality collation material and glue is used so that fasteners don’t get apart before and during use. These nails are still most common type in the market because they are cheap and manufacturers have the advantage of making these in fewer amounts than other collated nail types.


22-degree plastic collated framing nails or fasteners are compatible with a broad range of pneumatic nail guns. These are made to fit in any of the following nail guns: Hitachi NR83A, NR83A2, NR83A2S, NR90AC, Duo-Fast CN350, Senco SN60, SN65, Makita AN8300, Porter Cable FR350, FR350MAG; Max SN890RH; Bostitch N88RH, N95RHN; DeWalt D51844, D51845. There are many types of plastic collated fasteners depending on the level of corrosion resistance. But the bright one in not corrosion resistant so it can be used in the interior where corrosion is not an element and in areas of non-treated lumber only. However for other areas where corrosion is a factor you can use hot dip galvanized fasteners or stainless steel fasteners for best corrosion protection. These plastic collated fasteners are well known for their durability and maximum holding power when nailing them into wood or any other material. Also, they are easy to feed in the nail gun for doing jobs. Bright fasteners have no protective coating so they can rust easily if exposed to humidity or water so they should be used for interior applications where they are not exposed to moisture or water and are not recommended to use exteriorly or in treated lumber most often used for interior framing, trimming and finish applications.


It is fully round headed. It can easily fit in all 20-22 degrees framing nailers allowing the user to use existing Best Framing Nailer for it as an extensive list of nailers is compatible to work with these nails.

Its dimensions are 4×8.5×3 inches with a cutting diameter of 3 inches. These come in a packing of 500.

These are plastic collated (means held together with a plastic strip which gets detached when fired by nail gun) with smooth shank due to which it has enough holding power for everyday use. They are used to do different kind of work as framing, trusses, subflooring, decking, fencing, sidewall sheathing, framing and sheathing, crate and box assembly, pallets and pallet repair.

These nails are usually preferred by construction industries because they are cheap and are readily available with added benefit of excellent holding power in most of the wood applications because of its smooth shank. Their round head also fits well in nail guns allowing them to drive them efficiently and accurately.



It is the one of the cheapest type of plastic collated nail one can buy and use for multiple purposes.

They are easy to feed into the gun, and they have good holding power at job sites.


Being plastic it can easily break and affected by temperature extremes. Therefore, it is more susceptible to damage.

During firing, plastic collated nails pieces of plastic can spread around the job site or might be in users eyes or face so during its processing user must wear safety eyewear to protect themselves from the plastic mess. Or the other way they can leave plastic pieces under the nail head during driving in causing the pin to be exposed.

Also, there is increased the risk of jamming nail gun by using plastic collated nails.

Bright collated nails get rust easily if applied to exterior or lumber treated areas. Also if exposed to humidity or water, so you have to keep in mind with these fasteners not to use them in areas prone to corrosion.



The final verdict is B&C Eagle A3x131/22 round head 3-inchx.131×22 degree bright Smooth shank plastic collated framing nails is the buyers choice whether for industrial use or household work. These are one of the cheap things to buy with much benefits of good holding power ability to fit in a maximum number of available nail guns. They are easy to manufacture that’s why you don’t have difficulty in finding or buying them. Also, B&C Eagle doesn’t compromise on quality thus maintaining higher standards it allows customers to use plastic collated fasteners for more positive drives and long lasting quality. They can be utilized for a variety of nail jobs including framing, decking, fencing, sheathing and a lot more. Also jamming is one of its cons, but B&C Eagle is offering high-quality standards which reduces jamming to the minimum. These nails drive well and having good holding power they are difficult to remove. Using inferior quality plastic collated nail from other manufacturers which might cost you less but will cost you more in the future as inferior quality causes more jamming of the nailer and early wear and tear of the tool. So if you want to get collated nails for a variety of nail jobs and you want the work to be done inexpensively maintaining best quality and durability you have to consider buying this product by B&C Eagle. It is a good deal for its price as a pack of 500 is only for $29.78 with free shipping by Amazon. Also, their new and better packaging than before ensures the product protection during the delivery process.

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