Welcome to Best Framing Nailer Buying Guide of 2017. We present you the best and well-arranged framing nailer buying guide that will deal with your every anxiety point while buying a nailer. Here we will talk about everything that is essential for you to know. Regardless of whether you are building something or placing the large strip of content together for your DIY tasks, framing nailers are your ideal partners. From evaluation charts to real user’s reviews, we will help you in saving lots of your time, for money and stress for buying ideal framing nailer.
Whether you buy a pneumatic framing nailer or a wireless variety relies on several factors. Though most framing nailers are air-filled, you will find wireless products available. Here’s what you should consider when determining between the two varieties:
Pneumatic nailers: They are operated by an air compressor. If you do not already have an air compressor, the cost of buying one may push the limits of your price range. Pneumatic nailers provide reliable power but need the customer to stay linked with an air compressor to work. If you are going to be using your nailer on n daily basis, pneumatic nailers are the excellent option because they do not need continuous re-charging.
PRO TIP: If you already own an air compressor, ensure that your device satisfies the specifications of the nailer that you buy. This is detailed as PSI and CMF.
Cordless nailers: Uses either battery power or fuel energy the gun. They are perfect for those who only plan on using their nailer sometimes, especially those who do not have an air compressor. Cordless nailers offer more ability to move, making them the best option for persons who work in limited areas where an air compressor cannot fit.
Magazine: Keep or Coil:
Nailers can have one of two different magazine designs, stick and coils.
Stick magazines: Uses nails that come in long strips. The capability of stick magazines is usually lower than that of coil-style, but because of their arrangement, nailers that use stick-style magazines have more even weight-distribution and, therefore, better stability than coils nailers.
Coil magazines: Take nails that are joined up with together with cables and arranged in versatile strings. The circular magazine keeps more nails than the stick magazines, and their design means that they can fit into stronger areas than nailers with stick magazines.
PRO TIP: If you are doing a job that needs a lot of nails, a coils magazine nailer may be an excellent option because you will not have to refill as often. However, if your job only needs a few nails simultaneously, a stick magazine nailer may be simpler to use.
Type of Framing Nailer:
There are two types of framing nailer in the marker: the coils and stick types. Both of these types use a special magazine to store nails with the difference being on the capacity of Playboy. The coils nailers usually have bigger magazine volume than the stick nailers. The selection here relies on your selections.
Power Source:
Again, you have to choose between three options: wireless fuel power, pneumatic powered and electricity powered types. The wireless types are operated by fuel energy or some types of electrical, battery power whereas the pneumatic nailers use the compressed air. The framing nailer is wonderful for periodic tasks while the latter nailer is excellent if you plan to use it more often.
Nail Type:
Make sure to choose a nailer that does not take clipped-head nails but round-head nails. The reason for this is that many current building specifications have transferred to specify that building renovation is done only with round-head nails. So if you have a plan to do any work around the house, a nailer that can hold round-head nails is essential.
Weight and Comfort:
The less heavy the nailer, the greater it is to use. You should ensure that whatever nailer you buy is simple and comfortable for you to use. If you are going to be focusing on roofs or other high areas, then you should be looking for the least heavy framing nailer available. You also want to choose a nailer that seamless convenience in your hand and that is lightweight for easy controlling.
Price and warranty:
There are a wide range of professional manufacturers Hitachi, Bostitch, Paslode, Freeman, Dewalt, Bosch, Porter Cable, Max. Also another manufacturer available in the market as Campbell, Senco, Hausfeld, Numax, Ridgid, Husky, Milwaukee, etc… Different companies have different prices and warranty services, so it is essential to consider their prices and read warranty plan before buying.
Additional Specifications
Depth adjustment: This specification allows you to decide the depth which you want to make the nail without damaging the surface. If you work on different of components, keep an eye for this feature as the depth drive can help you to gauge and put a nail accurately at a selected depth.
Quick jam clearance: one of the essential specifications of a nailer since these guns tend to jam a lot. These working sessions can be the boring and time-consuming. Therefore a nailing gun that provides simple jam clearance enables you to save your efforts and time.
Swiveling air connectors: This type of rotating air connections are used for only pneumatic nailers. You will keep in touch with the air compressor at all times during your use of the pneumatic nailer. So having a simpler way to navigate around with the wire while operating might be of interest. This air plug can help you to navigate around with your wire easily. It creates your work much more straightforward and helps you to save from any accident.
Ultimately, discovering the best framing nailer is simply just a few evaluating your needs and costs, verifying out the best framing nailer with latest reviews you can discover, and looking properly, without determining, until you obtain the framing nailer that is right for you. There’s a lot of wide range out there, so be sure to check out our suggestions and reviews to learn more about each product.

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