Bostitch Smart Point Brad Nailer Review

Bostitch Smart Point Brad Nailer Review

In the realm of pneumatic Best Framing Nailer  there’s very little that energizes me any longer, unless we’re discussing brad nailers and Jennifer Aniston in a similar sentence. And after that I went over the 18 gage Bostitch Smart Point brad Best Framing Nailer. It’s not Jennifer, but rather to a person who functions as a craftsman throughout the day, it’s in any event stood out enough to be noticed. Squandering no time, I took the Smart Point Best Framing Nailer to the shop and set it to work. See yourself as among the special and first to get an inside sneak look at a brad nailer that isn’t expected out until February 2013.


The most energizing and absolutely one of a kind part of this Best Framing Nailer is the littler nose outline. The examining tip of the nailer makes it less demanding to see where the latch will enter the work surface. What’s more, I mean precisely where it will go. On top of that, the littler nose configuration enables the device to fit into more tightly spaces. That hasn’t been a tremendous issue before, yet on a current venture I had such a large number of cinches arranged, I need to concede, the additional mobility was decent.

I’m a craftsman by profession and run a little redesigning and complete carpentry furnish in Concord, MA. I regularly manufacture a considerable measure of segments in my shop before collecting them on location and thusly wind up utilizing a brad nailer for applying little parts, trim and crown work.

I observe brad nails to be exceptionally valuable in anticipating part and additionally to advance a cleaner looking occupation with less touch-up work after the nailing is finished. I additionally utilize a brad nailer once in a while to help with sticking parts on stick ups. There’s no contention that a brad nailer is a valuable and fundamental instrument both in the shop and on complete trim occupations.

Bostitch Smart Point Brad Best Framing Nailer Features

The buildup on the Bostitch Smart Point brad nailer is that it has a 60% littler nose impression, taking into consideration speedy and precise nail position without a different contact trip. The small scale nose configuration takes out the need to push against the work surface to impel the Best Framing Nailer, giving you a chance to fit the tip into limit spaces.

I got the opportunity to see this Best Framing Nailer very close a while prior with a Ridgid Tri-Stack compressor, and the exact exactness cases of the Smart Point are what stood out enough to be noticed and enthusiasm to audit this instrument in any case. There’s nothing more irritating to me than utilizing a nailer that puts a clasp in an area other than where you thought it was going. I can think about twelve times where I needed to crush a brad nailer with a confining mallet after I blew separated a trim return or pressed the trigger and watched a trim part proceed onward me. Best framing nailer


Shrewd Point Brad Nailer First Impressions

The Bostitch Smart Point brad nailer shoots 18 Gage brads, and the nailer unit incorporates the essential instrument, conveying case, 1/4-inch swivel fitting, a case of 1,000 two-inch brads, and a belt snare.

Out of the case the Smart Point nailer resembles a consistent brad Best Framing Nailer however littler. It has a Magnesium lodging with a truly pleasant over-formed handle and guard shaping. The familiar aphorism, “greater is better” does not have any significant bearing to brad nailers and this one is genuinely little in stature. Bostitch likewise utilizes Magnesium which gives the instrument a similar fundamental solidness of aluminum however with less weight.

The Bostitch Smart Point brad nailer is likewise a sans oil nailer which forestalls recoloring of trim and work surfaces and the fumes is situated toward the finish of the handle where the air hose joins to the instrument. I like this area since it coordinates the instrument’s fumes far from the work and the administrator. An inside channel is utilized to shield outside contaminants from harming the device.

A device free nail stick discharge is an absolute necessity, and the Bostitch BTFP12233 has one situated on the front of the nailer at the nose. It permits quick and simple nail stick expulsion, wiping out the need to utilize an Allen torque. This is a genuine decent component!

A thumb turn, profundity of-drive component (which Bostitch fairly hilariously marked Dial-A-Depth) is strategically placed under the trigger and enables the client to control how far the clasp will infiltrate into the work material. This spares you from readjusting the compressor yield for various wood hardnesses and can be an ongoing saver.

The apparatus is likewise outfitted with a swivel air fitting for mobility, a reversible belt snare with incorporated pencil sharpener, 2 elastic nose tips and a low brad nail pointer incorporated with the magazine slide. Best framing nailer

Shrewd Point Dimensions:

When I contrasted the Smart Point with other brad nailers it was frequently littler by a few creeps on both the width and length. A nearby second would be the Hitachi NT50AE2.

Bostitch BTFP12233 – 9.38″ x 9.75″

Watchman Cable BN200B – 14.30″ x 11.11″

DeWalt D51238K – 13.79″ x 10.12″

Hitachi NT50AE2 – 7.08″ x 10.77″

Ridgid R213BNA – 9.00″ x 11.05″


A Selectable Trigger On A Brad Nailer – Seriously?

One component that made them scratch my head was the selectable trigger framework for consecutive or contact operation. At first I didn’t know why Bostitch incorporated that as an alternative. I’ve never “knock” terminated something besides a surrounding or material nailer. Ordinarily, brad and complete nailers ought to be more exact devices and the successive fire ought to be more than sufficiently quick in the event that you know how to utilize the apparatus. I began thinking about whether perhaps the item supervisor was a previous confining or material person… After talking with Bostitch Product Manager Jorge Silveira, it was disclosed to me that amid item examine for a totally extraordinary nailing application they saw that clients were utilizing shims to hold the contact stumble on their brad nailers keeping in mind the end goal to:

Enhance perceivability,

Abstain from damaging the work surface, and

Give constant knock activation in circumstances where exactness arrangement was not as imperative

For reasons unknown these clients weren’t “knocking” the device by any stretch of the imagination, they were sliding it along the surface and applying brad clasp each 6-8 crawls on entryway or window trim or bureau crown runs. This disclosure is really what kicked the Bostitch group off on building up the Smart Point outline and the selectable trigger switch.


Savvy Point Technology

When you come everything down, the contact arm on the Smart Point is a noteworthy change on the customary brad nailer and that is the thing that makes this device altogether different and extraordinary. The contact is coordinated into a sliding nose that has a significantly littler impression. This contact arm is spring-one-sided upward (towards the device) to dispose of the requirement for the nose to be packed to impel the terminating system.

Conversely, a standard brad nailer has a contact arm that wraps around the nose of the instrument, which is cumbersome. The conventional contact arm is likewise spring-one-sided outward (far from the device) which requires the client to push the contact arm keeping in mind the end goal to activate the device. Best framing nailer

IMG_0015 duplicate

Utilizing the Smart Point Brad Best Framing Nailer: My Experience!

The Smart Point brad Best Framing Nailer magazine opens to 5-1/2″ and effectively enabled me to fit full 5″ long portions of brads into it. Pleasantly done! I was beginning to think about whether Bostitch designers may be taking a couple of lessons from us cabinetmakers with those resiliences!

The Smart Point is the primary nailer that I’ve had accompanied a 1/4″ swivel connector and I need to state it’s an exceptionally decent detail and gives you some play while moving the apparatus into tight or unbalanced spaces.

The nailer filled in as promoted. It put a brad precisely where the tip was and given a reasonable viewable pathway. The Smart Point likewise enabled me to abstain from pushing the device against my trim which ordinarily stamps and gouges the work piece, especially if it’s a delicate wood.

I utilized the nailer on every single diverse shape, sizes, and types of trim and crown forming. What I enjoyed the most was the nailer’s capacity to go precisely where you needed it – even into tight spots on intensely nitty gritty crown. The expectation to absorb information on this nailer is short and I rapidly saw precisely where the clasp left the instrument – truth be told, you can really observe it.

Keep in mind how I enjoyed the profundity of-drive wheel? It wound up proving to be useful and I ended up going after it frequently as it enabled me to truly dial in my clasp profundity for exact countersinking into any material. Best framing nailer

I tried the successive terminating alternative and can comprehend why a few clients would need to utilize it. Concerning myself, in the wake of giving it a shot I never truly had a need to keep it locked in. I likewise tried the pencil sharpener on the belt snare, which worked extraordinary however I didn’t generally observe it to be as helpful in the shop. Some portion of that reason is that I tend to utilize the bigger woodworker pencils and hone them with my utility blade.

General Impression

The Smart Point is without a doubt a shrewd nailer, perhaps more astute than me! It was exact and exact in brad nail position and furnished me with remarkable perceivability. I can sincerely say that in the wake of utilizing this specific brad nailer for some time, I got somewhat ruined. Backpedaling to a standard nailer and its bigger nose will be hard.

My most loved components of this Best Framing Nailer are its viewable pathway, the swivel connector and the low brad nail pointer with dry fire lockout (it won’t shoot an empty shell when the nails run out so you don’t divot your work piece). Best framing nailer

The Smart Point brad nailer is relied upon to retail for $119.99 and will be accessible in February 2013. Stay tuned as we are speculating Bostitch may extend the Smart Point innovation to other complete nailers too. In the event that Bosch can arrange a few demos of this new apparatus they should take off the racks, I am surely prescribing it for ace utilize.

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