DeWalt FlexVolt 60V Max Circular Saw Review

DeWalt FlexVolt 60V Max Circular Saw Review

One of the items we saw at the DeWalt Experience made us think about at first whether it was truly important – the new DeWalt FlexVolt 60V Max Circular Saw. All things considered, full-estimate cordless round saws have been around for some time and they cut great, frankly. With DeWalt’s current achievement in the 20V Max/18V part, they were expected for a 7-1/4 inch model and likely could contend close to the top. So why hop up to the 60V class with whatever is left of the FlexVolt line in the event that you don’t have to? Best framing nailer

Who says DeWalt just needed to contend?

Single word, my companions – control. We surely have encountered amazing cutting qualities from Hilti, Milwaukee, and Makita, however from what we’ve encountered up until this point, DeWalt takes it up another level. Where we know we can begin to impede different saws, the DeWalt DCS575 truly controls through. Best framing nailer

A couple of fundamentals – the DeWalt FlexVolt roundabout is a correct side sharp edge configuration highlighting a brushless engine. I for one lean toward the correct side cutting edge introduction and you’d expect a brushless engine at this level. While the FlexVolt battery is in reverse good to DeWalt 20V Max cordless apparatuses, the FlexVolt devices can’t be keep running on a 20V Max battery. You’ll need a FlexVolt pack to utilize this saw.


Best Features Best framing nailer


Something I adore about DeWalt cordless instruments is the ergonomics, especially in the handle outline. DeWalt’s molded grasp is found on this saw and my hand wraps around it serenely. The trigger itself is sufficiently simple to utilize, yet I like to have a push down security as opposed to a push in style.

DeWalt FlexVolt 60V Max Circular Saw Review

I additionally like the counterbalance pulverize for your guide hand. It thinks about that your wrist normally needs to twist in that position and makes it somewhat more agreeable.

DeWalt FlexVolt 60V Max Circular Saw Review

We can’t have a target discussion about the ergonomics without discussing weight, however. As an uncovered instrument, the DeWalt FlexVolt Circular Saw weight in at 8.1 pounds on our scale and 10.44 with the 6.0 amp hour FlexVolt battery. That is somewhat overwhelming to bear, yet given that most roundabout saw cuts are made on top of the material, it’s not a tremendous drawback. In case you’re utilized to a worm drive, it’s a level out weight diminishment.

DeWalt FlexVolt 60V Max Circular Saw Review

Electric Brake

The electric brake included rushes to stop the 5800 RPM edge. It’s a security highlight that is winding up noticeably to a greater degree a standard on the jobsite and a decent one to avoid wounds and harm to work surfaces.


I don’t regularly discuss slant and profundity alterations as a key element since they each of the tend to work the same. Be that as it may, I discovered both less demanding than typical to control, so it’s made my rundown.

There are convenient slope detents at 22.5 and 45 degrees that assistance dispose of a portion of the mystery with regular slant cuts.

DeWalt FlexVolt 60V Max Circular Saw Review

One exchange off that has been made is in the plan of the metal shoe and alteration pieces. DeWalt ran with all the more a gunmetal dark than a silver which looks extraordinary against the yellow. Be that as it may, the estimation markings are more hard to see against it.


The LED is another element that doesn’t more often than not energize me, yet DeWalt’s arrangement and shine on the FlexVolt roundabout saw is exceptionally powerful to cut in low light applications.

DeWalt FlexVolt 60V Max Circular Saw Review

Opportunity to get better Best framing nailer

Beside what I’ve as of now said, I truly wish DeWalt would add a crossbeam snare to this saw. It’s one of those components that I abandoned for a considerable length of time, yet once I got one, there was no backpedaling.


We’re fabricating our new video set, so we began by slicing approximately 2×4 to make up the legs of our workbench. The cuts were simple – as they ought to be – yet we saw that the shoe appeared to have more rubbing than most. I don’t know whether there’s a covering to give it that darker dim look or if something else is astir, however we’ll be examining this further.

DeWalt FlexVolt 60V Max Circular Saw Review

Beside the intense time sliding over our material, the execution is extraordinary. Large portions of you have as of now observed the Makita 18V X2 LXT Rear-Handle Saw make a full profundity cut amid our World of Concrete scope, so I chose to attempt a comparable test. In truth, the Makita has a more prominent profundity of cut, yet the DeWalt FlexVolt 60V Max Circular Saw did in this test. Not to stress, we’ll put these two cordless sovereigns no holds barred to see will’s identity ruler in the blink of an eye.

There’s truly very little to whine about on the power side of things – there’s energy to save for most cutting applications and it’s unquestionably more able than most cordless roundabout saws available today.

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