Freeman P4FRFNCB Framing/Finishing Combo Kit with Canvas Bag, 4-Piece

Freeman P4FRFNCB Framing/Finishing Combo Kit with Canvas Bag, 4-Piece

Freeman P4FRFNCB Framing/Finishing Combo Kit with Canvas Bag, 4-Piece
Nail guns or nailers are great tools for development and wood building works. These days almost everyone, either experts or DIY lovers, is using these and suffering from their benefits. Nailers are alternatives of sort to do the same work effectively, with less persistence.

Freeman P4FRFNCB is an item from Freeman tools, a well-known development and framing tools Production Company. Freeman nailers are well known for their efficiency and sturdiness. They are made keeping professional-grade requirements. P4FRFNCB 4-Piece Framing/Finish combo kit includes all finishing and framing specifications. This kit contains – a 21° complete go framing nailer, a 34° finish nailer, a 1-1/4 Inches wide brad nailer and a 1-1/4 Inches wide filter top staple remover.

With the Freeman P4FRFNCB Framing/Finishing Combo Kit, you get four individual tools: staple remover, finish nailer, brad nailer, and framing nailer. Loads differ based upon on the gun, from around 2.5 pounds for the staple remover to just under nine pounds for the framing fingernail gun. All four tools in this program are air-powered; pressure specifications differ with each device. Operating varies are 60 to 110 psi, and the Freeman features conventional NPT accessories. This program of tools could hypothetically be motivated by the same kind of low-cost air compressor operates with the Bostitch and WEN.


Included framing and finishing tools in Freeman P4FRFNCB Framing/Finishing Combo Kit kit, can be used by anyone whether an experienced employee or a Do-It-yourself lovers. This kit is perfect associate at their work. It is an extremely recommended item for where each device in it is made for different tasks.

These tools are made following conventional recommendations. These air-operated tools are mineral magnesium designed and have metal Magazine and tubes. PFR2190 framing nailer can fire 2 Inches wide to 3/12 Inches wide framing nails. The rotor blades used in these nailers are flexible in detail and with 360° flexible fatigue; customers are permitted for you to use any side or position. PFN1564 finishing/framing nailer is presented with a particular leading to method. You can fire one fingernail at an amount of your time in individual method or can fire quickly in successive method. For user’s comfort, PST9032Q has a refill signal. All of the aforementioned tools are oil-free and air-powered. Thus, someone need not be set at particular place while dealing with these.

The Freeman P4FRFNCB Framing/Finishing Combo Kit contains the following tools:

  • Additional servicing tools, oil, and wrenches.
  • Fabric bag for simple transportation.
  • 1 Brad Nailer with Fast Launch.
  • 1 Filter Crown Stapler with Fast Launch.
  • 1 Full Head Framing Nailer.
  • 1 Angle Finish Nailer.

Features of Freeman P4FRFNCB

  • Magazine: Magazines are made of anodized metal like aluminum. The Magazine potential of framing nailer is 55 elements of nails. Others have the potential of 100 items. In addition, the filter top staple remover has refill signal.
  • Quick Jam Releases: and filter top nailer (PST9032Q), Brad nailer (PBR32Q), and finish nailer (PFN1564) are made with quick jam release function. A fast access offered to the nosepiece to clear it at plenty of duration of jam.
  • Dimension and Pounds: The overall program for Freeman P4FRFNCB has the sizing of 23 x 9.4 x 14.8 inches and weight of 24.5 lbs. The individual device pounds differ from 2.5 lbs. to 6.4 lbs.
  • Build: Magnesium development and metal made tubes not only guarantees the sturdiness, also made each device mild calculated. A Teflon O-ring is connected to all tools to avoid deterioration.
  • Jamming: The staple remover, brad nailer and finish nailer are set with quick release systems, which reduce recovery time regarding any nails getting packed.
  • Portable and Light-pounds: the overall kit is well known for its mobility and light-pounds. Freeman also contains a canvas bag to bring this kit.
  • Protection: Air filter keeps the tools secured and increases their life. Such tools are the important function to keep elements waste free. Debris is one of the reasons for the poor efficiency of fingernail guns.
  • Flexibility: All the tools have 360° flexible fatigue, which allows you work from any position. The detail can be modified for all based on the programs. This function delivers nothing but flexibilities in work.


Full kit: The first beauty of the Freeman P4FRFNCB is that it is actually an extensive kit, which can definitely help DIYers to take care of any venture from beginning to end. In addition, the price is just a bit higher than for an individual other producer oral appliance creates the kit even more worth it.

34 level finish nailer: The final nailer has an ordinary position of 34 levels. That means that you can get it all those limited areas and it functions like an appeal. Since this is a high perfection nailer, this kind of position creates work simple.

Power Framer: The framer is extremely effective and can drive all types of nails and levels in all types of timber with lowest harm to the outer lining area. It use squeezes air at about 120 psi while the others use only about 70 psi.

Versatility: Since it is an extensive Freeman P4FRFNCB Framing/Finishing Combo Kit, the Freeman nailer provides excellent versatility from a venture perspective. However, the tools independently can be modified quite simple and work on various types of timber and with various types of nails.


Finish nailer rubberized tip: One of the not so excellent achievements is that the whole nailer comes with a dark rubberized tip. This would be a smart idea as not to harm the timber, however, it can keep represents, which is unwanted. The tip can be protected easily.

Depth dialer: Although a detail switch is available for simple control of the detail, it is not very delicate so getting a perfection establishing might be a little hard.

Misfire: There have been known cases of misfire although I did not get one. However, in this situation, the nails need to be re-arranged a little, and it is back to operate.

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