Freeman Pmpn MINI Palm Nailer

Freeman Pmpn MINI Palm Nailer

Freeman Pmpn MINI Palm Nailer
Palm nailers are compact tools which are becoming popular day by day, they are designed to drive any type of nail easily and quickly making them versatile and useful. These tools being high in accuracy and give you control over the job being done in confined spaces where other tools make it impossible to reach or work efficiently. These tools are ideal for projects which require accurate and precise positioning of nails. FREEMAN PMPN mini palm nailer is one of the affordable and smallest palm nailer. It is extremely lightweight and small in size that it easily manages to reach places which are otherwise hard to reach and can work in areas of awkward angles where it is difficult for swinging a hammer. It is an excellent choice to drive nails through metal plates due to the fact that we just place nail where we want it to drive and rest of the job is done by mini palm nailer and it is also used for building a deck which need hammering nails at different odd angles. It can drive nails on any material.FEATURES
FREEMAN PMPN MINI PALM NAILER is a small yet powerful, durable and handy air hammer tool to help you in your work that required hammering nails at variety of areas and materials. It can do good job in driving nails of 6d to 16d and up to 3.5’’ in tough materials. Due to its compactness it is one of the best choice for working in tight areas, as corners, odd angulated edges and ceilings. It can operate at pressures between 80-100 PSI which can be adjusted depending on the size of fasteners and work piece material.


The body of FREEMAN PMPN MINI NAILER is designed ergonomically which reduces the rate of repetitive injuries caused by prolonged straining.

It has rubberized soft palm rest which makes it to have a good grip holding comfortably and getting jobs done. Also it reduces vibration and noise during its operation as rubber acts shock and noise absorber.

It is also equipped with anti-dust/anti filter cap which prevents dust or debris from entering Best Framing Nailer thereby maintaining its performance and helps it to last and work longer by keeping it dust free from inside and by removing any solid or liquid particles so that particles don’t get impacted which later on difficult to remove and damages, rust or gum up internal parts. This feature allows the tool to perform at its best always in every nail job.


Its measurements are 2.75’’x5’’x4.375’’ and weighing only 1.38lbs making it very small and lightweight and because of its dimensions it is able to reach tough, hard to reach and small spaces easily. It easily fits in palm of your hand owing to its size and you can work comfortably by holding it for much longer hours without getting strained.


It also has magnetic tip holder to hold nails during any job and allowing us to place nail exactly on the place where we want saving our fingers. So this feature also makes its operation easy for users as they don’t have to hold the nail again and again at a place and then hammer it. It just drives nail after nail with accuracy of position without hurting hands at all.

It also comes with included oil and wrenches so you don’t have to get extra tools to work with it. It has everything you need to start work for the first time, you just have to open the tool and start using it. And these included oil and wrenches allows its easy maintenance and adjustment for use.

It has high quality internal parts which makes it durable, powerful and long lasting, therefore you don’t have to worry about buying a new palm nailer after getting some jobs done. It can go long way making your nail jobs being done easily and effectively without compromising on its performance.


Below are few of the pros as per latest5 surveys:

  • Due to its lightweight and small size it is one of the best handy and portable tool.
  • It can efficiently work in areas which are hard to reach with regular hammer or nail gun.
  • It can be used to drive most carpenter nails ranging from 6d to 16d and up to 3.5’’.
  • Its user friendly design allows user to work with it for longer period of time without getting fatigue, comfortable and enjoying to do work with it.Nothing is perfect in this world, hence, the major con(s) are as below:The only con of this amazing handy tool is that it cannot be comfortable with people having larger hands as it might not fit properly. So people who have a little large hands than average have to consider other alternatives as they can’t get much benefit from this mini palm nailer.



Overall this pneumatic hammer is small but powerful and strong has an edge over other palm nailers in being extremely light weight and small in size. FREEMAN gives you affordable pricing of tool combined with high quality. It is able to do versatile jobs whether it be building decks or hanging joists with metal hangers. It can make tiresome and time consuming work fast and furious without giving fatigue to the user and adding the element of fun in the work so you can’t get bored before finishing the task. As it can do any nail job in any place no matter how much confined or angulated the area is it knows how to drive nails. It can drive nails of any size only condition is that nail head fits in the magnetic tip holder. With using minimum effort our job is done by this tool. So if you are planning to buy budget palm nailer or you are a bit tight on budget and you want palm nailer which can do nail jobs quickly and easily in close spaces do consider buying FREEMAN PMPN MINI IMPACT NAILER, you won’t regret after buying it as it’ll be of great value for your money.

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