Hitachi NR90AE(S)

Hitachi NR90AE(S)

 Hitachi’s air-powered framing nail gun is full of functions and clean to use, making it a super desire for the ones searching out a first-class tool. It has an operating pressure of 70 to one hundred twenty PSI and it only accepts strips of plastic-collated nails measuring 2” to three.five” of 21 levels and might preserve everywhere from 64 to 70 nails at a time.Hitachi went out of its way to ensure that their nail gun became at ease to use, as evidenced via the no-slip elastomer grip trigger, which fits effortlessly to your hand—best for jobs if you have to maintain the device for extended periods of time. Its mild, 7.5lb weight enhances its maneuverability and comfortability.

in contrast to the Freeman nail gun profiled above, this Hitachi framing nailer does now not come with a carrying case, but the gun itself is made with several protecting capabilities that preserve it from incurring put on and tear damage. these consist of a hardened claw tip, which protects the nose of the gun and a carbon metal toenail which inspires precision and efficiency while minimizing damage.

special features

The Hitachi Plastic Collated full-Head Framing Nailer has several unique functions that make it a popular nail gun with carpenters and DIYers alike. First, no longer only does it have intensity adjustment controls, but it is an clean function to apply. frequently, the depth adjustment option on nail guns can simplest be altered via the usage of a separate device, but this isn’t always the case with this Hitachi nail gun. it is able to be changed with the aid of hand, with out the use of a separate device, permitting you to make adjustments to the intensity with out taking a lot of time to grab some other instrument or make modifications on the air compressor.

additionally, the Hitachi Plastic-Collated full-Head Framing Nailer has  firing strategies; you could pick between sequential and call nailing with the easy flick of a switch.


some dangers: first, this nail gun is not oil-free. This isn’t a major issue, however it does upload a touch bit of work to the technique. additionally, the nail gun tends to spit back the plastic cloth preserving the nails together, so the person have to don defensive eyewear even as coping with the tool. we would have also liked to have had a sporting case come with this device.

very last phrase

This nail gun may be used by both experts and amateurs, however we feel that maximum amateurs or occasional DIYers will no longer need intensity adjustment or more than one firing methods, and as a consequence the price may not be worth it. but, a exceptional tool like this could be liked by using all, so ultimately, its suitability will rely on whether or now not it meets your wishes as either an amateur or expert.

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