All You Need To Know About B&C Eagle Collated Fasteners


B&C Eagle collated fasteners are usually made with the best quality for you. Right now, you don’t need to worry about how quality this product is to fasten and work in tools because product has it all. B&C Eagle collated fasteners can work with lots of products of air-filled tools such as Bostich, DeWALT, Senco, Paslode, Duo-Fast, Hitachi, Mikita, Porter cable, etc. Do you know that if your tool model is listed in this article and this fastener fits, then this fastener will work perfectly well with it? This brand has its customers and heart to make sure tools fits well.Quality collation materials good glues was used to keep these fasteners of this product to work together when use them. It is important to note that you can use B&C Eagle collated fasteners for your drives, jams and it last for a long time – you don’t have to worry about that. Also it is important to note you need to select the best coating before you apply this brand. Bright fasteners should be used for subpar applications in lumber that is not treated. For the best corrosion protection, you need to use stainless still website.

Key Features of B&C Eagle collated fasteners

In this article, we are going to discuss the key features of B&C Eagle collated fasteners. It also necessary to note that this product has lots of features that will be pleasing to you; because of this, let’s take a good look at them.

Types of fasteners that can be used with this product

This product is manufactured to work or fit with B&C Eagle: SN2283, SN2290, Bosch: SN 350-20F, Bostitch: F21PL, N95RHN, RN90, Campell Hausfeld: NS20900AV, DeWALT: D51844, D51845, D51850, Duo-Fast: 903000, CN-350B, etc.

Also, this product comes with 2-3/8 inch x .113 plain shank framing nails with full round head; it fits the listed nail guns which are Hitachi NR83A, NR83A2, Mikita AN8300, Porter cable FR350, FR350MAG; MAX SN890RH, etc.


Furthermore, B&C Eagle collated fasteners is compatible with lots of product out there; this means that you don’t have to worry about it. Some of the listed product that it is compatible with are listed above. It has a full round head with different types of guns and it is available in a count of 500.

Also, you can only use this product in a 20 to 22 degree of plastic collation nail frames because it has a plastic collated smooth shank. Also, B&C collated fasteners supports good finish for interior usage in a lumber that is not treated. The head of this product is full and the new and improved packing assist in protecting the product when it is shipped.More product information

 It is crucial to note that the weight of this item is around 3.6 pounce and the product dimension is about 4 x 8.5 x 3 inches. B&C Eagle collated fasteners has its origin for USA. When talking about the dimension of this product, you need to know that the inches of the cutting diameter is favorable; it has a cutting diameter of about 2.375 inches

B&C Eagle Collated Fasteners are produced to also fit Framepro 502, Framepro 600, Framepro 602, Framepro 650, Spot nail NPR90, YPR 90,  WEN: 61790, 61792 Also, this product also supports hot dip galvanized coating resist corrosion in a rust. B&C Eagle collated fasteners is only used for interior and exterior and it is ideal for a treated lumber.

There have been lots of reviews from customers and worldwide and you need to know that B&C Collated fasteners can save your time and you can work flawlessly with your framing nailer. Time cost something and this is more reason why this product can be of great use to you. The packaging box is remarkable and none of the collated sheets will be loose or broken in any way when you purchase. The price is very considerable for everyone under budget.

Some customers have asked some questions on if the nails are ideal for hanging 7/16’’ osb sheathing?  The answer this is that when it comes to Exterior sheathing, it will need some galvanized nails to help it and this what B&C Collated fasteners can offer you.

Pros and cons of B&C Collated fasteners

When it comes to the pros, B&C collated fasteners are ideal for interior and exterior sheathing. This brand will surely save your time and you will work flawlessly. B&C Collated fasteners will fit to any of the listed products above and it compactable for many more – this brand has good reviews to its name.

For the cons, the price may be too overpriced. Also, B&C Collated fasteners does its work perfectly well but the plastic pops out of the nail hole once the nail is driven and this can be a source of scraped fingers, therefore, you have no choice than to pick them out of the hole.

Final Verdict

It is definitely necessary to note that B&C Collated fasteners are not going to be out of the market very soon and this is because of its indispensable use to lots of people around the world today. Many customers have lots of beautiful reviews about this product and it has been of great use to them.

B&C Collation fasteners are the best when you need your work to be done, even though it is for interior or exterior use, this brand will do a great job. Because it fits many listed products, it is ideal to have this brand. The packaging of this product will definitely amuse you and you will get the right job done with just a few cash when you want to purchase.

There are many collation fasteners that does not support hot dip galvanizing coating to resist coating corrosion in a rust; this is more reason why the best choice for you may be B&C Collation Fasteners; the wonders of B&C Collation fasteners is capable of performing on your interior and exterior works and it will surely turn your eyes towards its direction.

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