NuMax SFN64 Straight Finish Nailer 16 Gauge

NuMax SFN64 Straight Finish Nailer 16 Gauge

NuMax SFN64 Straight Finish Nailer 16 Gauge
For those who have gone through some pneumatic staples, brad and nail guns when installing furnishings trim, window casings and other attractive elements at home, the NuMax SFN64 finish nailer will let you do all these and more. This 16-gauge straight finish nailer is mild and useful for most trim fittings at home and in your craft or activity tasks.
The NuMax Finish Best Framing Nailer is necessary for every workshop. It launches a convenient number of 16-Gauge nails, featuring a device 100 % free depth modification and a simple launch nose. Fast jam system in this finish nailer allows you to clear out jellies without the need of any resources, minimizing your time and effort away from tasks. A handy pneumatic nailer, the SFN64 is ideal for many applications such as platform casting, entrance and screen covering, entrance installation, and many other activities or designing tasks. NuMax combines cost-effective costs with top high-quality products for the ultimate value in a device.
Made by NuMax, which is a Georgia-based tool manufacturer, the nailer is available at prices between $44 and $70. It’s cost-effective prices along with lightweight, user-friendly operation and durable build makes it very used by beginner DIYers who like to get their trim work done quickly at home. The NuMax SFN64 is ideal for use with straight finish nails and has several features that make it quite flexible in use.
Sturdy and Light For Family Trim, Hobby, and Crafting
The air motivated NuMax SFN64 is a very useful 4.5 weight, so you can simply use it single-handed while you adjust trim with the other. It is meant to work with 1 inches wide to 1 1/2 inches wide 16 gauge nails, so as long as nails have a straight finish, you can use the air nailer for some tasks. The manufacturers suggest some uses – attractive trim, screen supports, and image frame installation, platform moldings for entrance and windows, and furnishings trim. You can also use it for hand fences, top casting, shoe making, making chairs, etc. The NuMax 16 gauge SFN64 nail gun also allows you to adjust the depth of drive, so you almost never have to pull out your hammer to set in proud nails. There are several special features which make this air powered nailer very well known.
From woodworks such as part installation, fences to assembly parts for picture frames and furniture installation, the SFN64 is indeed a perfect device for various crafts and DIY tasks. This useful device is only 4.5 lbs. And it operates at 70 – 110 psi with 1 inches wide – 2 ½ inches wide secured range. The SFN64 finish nailer is compatible with ¾ inches wide – 2 ½ inches wide straight finish nails (16-Gauge). The final mailer’s aluminum installation (die-cast) is lightweight and durable. An additional feature for convenience is the straight and top-loading aluminum magazine.

Enjoy Depth Adjustment without Tools
The Best Framing Nailer tool-free depth modification feature is an advantage, letting you quickly adjust the depth of drive to avoid nail heads from falling under the outer lining area. A nail will always be motivated correctly from the SFN64 nailer if you adjust the depth of drive, and the nail head will sit flush with the top of the workpiece, removing the need for sealing.

Sturdiness and Excellent Value for Features
Numerous professionals with years of experience in trim installation and cabinetry usually see it too difficult to believe that a 2 1/2 inches wide nail capacity nailer can be available at such a cost-effective rate. The NuMax nail gun handles to do just that, with features that are worth every dollar. The feel of the nailer is durable and the results of fencing, wall installations, end of the week tasks, moldings and other reasonably high-quality end of the week tasks will pleasantly surprise customers who expect high quality only from the top high-quality tool.
NuMax SFN64 Features and Specifications
• Operating stress of 70 to 110 psi.
• For use with top loaded, straight nail magazine.
• Die-cast aluminum body.
• Tool-less depth modification.
• 360 degrees flexible exhaust.
• Anti-dust cap or air-filter.
• No-mar cap at the tip.
• Comfort-hold.
• Compact dimension at 3.2X11.5X12.5 inches wide.
• Comes with oil and wrenches.
• Includes a 1-year warranty on gun body.
• Includes a month assurance on wearable areas.

The flexible exhaust on the NuMax SFN64 allows you are working with the least amount of discomfort, letting you direct air exhaust away from your face and work area. For all your end of the week renovating tasks, the nailer should give you plenty of value as compared to having to rent a nail gun. As long as you keep it well oiled and use it with good fasteners, you should be able to make this NuMax device last quite a long time.
The lightweight of the 16-gauge NuMax straight nail gun makes it very near use in tight spaces. Along with the useful dimension, the lightweight of 4.5 weight makes it lighter than many other pneumatic nailers. You can carry it around all day while you are working, without feeling exhausted or developing painful grips in your hands. Check your hold is also cushioned for greater convenience.
The dirt cap keeps your nailer clean, and the no-mar tip on the SFN64 defends your work area.
• Die-cast aluminum development with aluminum cylinder for the lightweight sturdiness
• Tool 100 % free quick jam launch to quickly address nail jellies and get back to work
• 360-degree device 100 % free flexible exhaust allows flexibility to divert exhaust to a practical place
• No-mar tip to avoid work area damage
• Anti-dust cap to keep internal components the dirt and dirt free


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