Review Hitachi NV90AG 3.5-Inch Pneumatic Coil Framing Nailer

The new Hitachi NV90AG is a lightweight, rather little snaked confining nailer from Hitachi.

This device has demonstrated extraordinary at driving nails to a wood, including harder quintessence wood which makes it awesome for both DIYers and expert contractual workers.

The instrument is likewise sufficiently little to get into littler spots like corners and such.

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Components of Hitachi NV90AG

catch 3Product Dimensions: The Hitachi NV90AG is fairly little with standard sizes of 15.6 x 6 x 14.8 in. what’s more, an aggregate weight of 7.9 pounds. In spite of the fact that not the littlest or lightest nailer available regardless it is really near that.

catch 3Type of Nails: It works with nails from 1 ¾ in. to 3 ½ in making it reasonable for an a wide range of activities, and any kind of wood.

catch 3Drive Depth Adjustment: It accompanies a dial making it simple to modify settings with no requirement for extra instruments.

catch 3Selective Actuation Switch: This enables the client to effortlessly switch amongst contact and successive nailing, implying that you can go ahead with your venture without stopping and change from fast fire to exactness terminating.

catch 3Open Nose Design: What this element implies is that the stuck nails can undoubtedly be expelled without taking the whole device separated. This thus means less downtime and higher productivity.

catch 3Magazine: It accompanies two magazine stacking choices, side stacking and top stacking. It likewise include a tilt base component guaranteeing considerably quicker reloads.

catch 3Warranty: The best confining nailer stops as a matter of course with a 5 year assurance which says a considerable amount in regards to the trust the make has in this item.


catch 2Lightweight and Compact: Due to its general size the Hitachi nailer was anything but difficult to utilize and didn’t put very next to no weight on the hand an arm. This implied longer working periods without exhaustion and requirement for breaks.

catch 2Package: The Hitachi NV90AG bundle accompanies security glasses which are constantly decent to have around and albeit any expert contractual worker has a couple, DIYers may not.

catch 2Jamming: Although the encircling nailer has no stuck even after more than a thousand successive shots, Hitachi has included an awesome strategy for dealing with stuck nails with no bother.

catch 2Professional: Hitachi brags with building this encircling nailer in light of temporary worker needs and that is really obvious on the off chance that you look sufficiently close. The complete is incredible, it has a monitor and it’s intended to limit downtime.

catch 2Versatility: First of all it works with a huge scope of nails which makes it exceptionally helpful in any kind of venture. It additionally takes a shot at a wide range of wood, including the harder ones without pulverizing the surface.


catch 1Ease of Use: Although this is a decent device, elite it is committed to proficient contractual worker. New clients or DIYers who have just managed non-proficient nailers may have an intense time making sense of how it functions in the first place.

catch 1Support: Support for different request is not simple to discover for this apparatus, either on the web or in the manual it accompanies.

catch 1Hanger: The Hitachi NV90AG bundle does not accompany a holder as a matter of course and getting one is required. Additionally the instrument needs a significant huge holder which may be an issue at times.

The Hitachi NV90AG is without question a decent, proficient devices which can complete any employment.

It is fundamentally the main device for driving nails any contractual worker would require and can be utilized both in quick work and accuracy nailing. It likewise guarantees practically no fragmenting when utilized on harder woods which makes it ideal for fragile work on more costly wood.

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