Ridgid MS255SR 10-inch Dual Bevel Miter Saw Review

Ridgid MS255SR 10-inch Dual Bevel Miter Saw Review

Some will read this audit asking why a saw that has been out for many years gets a survey in PTR. The Ridgid MS255SR 10-inch double slope sliding miter saw turned out in 2012 and had a constrained run that kept going up through 2014. In any case, that was basically the last time anybody could buy it. Best framing nailer

It was an awesome saw at that point, yet The Home Depot supplanted it with a model fabricated by TTI (the parent organization behind Ridgid, Ryobi, and Milwaukee Electric Tool Co.) The Ridgid R4112 and R4122 were nice double angle miter saws, however the sliding MS255SR had such great outcomes that it was reintroduced for the current year around June. Yes, you can at the end of the day buy the Ridgid MS255SR at The Home Depot. We chose to give this sliding miter a crisp look so Pros can choose on the off chance that they’re getting an item that deliberate up to the first.

I crept everywhere on this saw and discovered components I like about wherever I looked. This saw conveys a great deal to the table to discuss, so lock in, and hold tight!

Early introductions

When you haul the Ridgid MS255SR out of the crate, you instantly see some differentiating hues—and all with a reason. Ridgid Orange commands the lodging, offering route to the Red of the included Diablo 40-tooth broadly useful cutting edge. I can’t think about a superior mix at the cost. When we do shootouts, we attempt to control whatever number factors as could be allowed. With saws, that implies slapping indistinguishable cutting edges on each apparatus. For reasons unknown we utilized this correct sharp edge in our current versatile jobsite table saw shootout. We picked it since it conveyed a decent blend of cutting pace and completed cut quality. Best framing nailer


Investigating the Ridgid MS255SR 10-inch double slope sliding miter saw, a few things promptly emerged. To start with, the string. Truth is stranger than fiction, the dark power string merits specifying. Instead of running it up the side of the lodging and having to always keep it off the beaten path, Ridgid ran it through the slides and out the back. Since I consider it, this doesn’t appear to be all that hard to do, yet it has a major effect.

Ridgid MS255SR Miter Saw Cord Management Web

Yes, Still Talking About Cord Management…

Another point of discussion with line administration would need to revolve around the imaginative—sit tight for it—line wrap. Why each miter saw doesn’t have a rope wrap is over my compensation review. In any case, it’s an amazingly welcome element on Ridgid’s 10-inch miter.

Ridgid MS255SR Miter Saw Cord Wrap Web

A working string wrap and an opened attachment makes this a clean observed amid tidy up.

Ridgid MS255SR Miter and Bevel Controls

Moving around to the front of the saw, you’ll see another motivation to signal the Hallelujah Chorus. All the miter and angle controls are kindly housed in advance. For mitering, simply get the up front detent supersede. Pushing it to one side with your thumb clears the detent. When you let go, it just slips over into position to get the following one. Driving it to one side secures it in the abrogate position until the point that you flip it back to focus. When you’re not working in a detent point, pushing down the vast miter bolt holds your edge tight.

Ridgid MS255SR Miter Saw Detent Override 2 Web

Slope changes show up on both the privilege and left sides of the miter levers. On the left, you have the incline bolt. Discharging it enable you to participate in standard left slant alterations. When you have to tilt right, an abrogate lever on the correct side gets you past the zero degree stop to open up the inverse side. Securing the abrogate back position doesn’t keep you on the privilege. You simply slip the saw back over the zero stop, and it will reengage.

Ridgid MS255SR Miter Saw Miter and Bevel Controls Web

Other Notable Ridgid MS255SR Features

The crown stop on the slide may take a couple of minutes to make sense of on the off chance that you don’t read the manual first. You have to press the conservative to discharge the slide and after that down again to open the bolt go down for the pole to be reinserted. With the traditional, push the slide the distance back, at that point discharge it. Sliding the engine head forward will bolt it once more into the crown stop position when it gets. The bolt sets the engine head in place for the best cutting profundity… practically. It’s a little nit meticulous, however you can pick up an additional 1/4-inch by moving the stop back somewhat more.

Ridgid MS255SR Miter Saw Crown Stop Web

There aren’t any side expansions on the Ridgid MS255SR. For that, we prescribe getting a pleasant miter saw remain with worked in augmentations, or simply snatching some compact roller encourage stands. This surely isn’t a major issue, however I’ve been so used to having them that it was an observable oversight. Mounted to a decent miter saw stand—like Ridgid’s MS-UV stand—will rapidly make that an unsettled issue.

Like most miter saws we use, there is a profundity stop alteration rush to enable you to deal with Dado-style and other non-through cuts.

Ridgid MS255SR Miter Saw Depth Adjustment Bolt Web

The fence expansions slide out to prepare for the cutting edge amid slant cuts. They likewise give you extra parallel support for trim. Unscrewing the fasteners further, you can totally expel them if necessary. A greater amount of the elements become possibly the most important factor with regards to really setting and cutting your material.

The Cutting Experience

Time to Clamp Down on the Nonsense

With some material, it’s quite recently less demanding to clasp it down than to clutch to it. Ridgid makes the best miter brace I have ever observed. It locks into put on either side and can slide here and there the pole for vertical alterations—nothing historic there. That is the point at which they go totally fresh with a twofold turn, fast discharge outline.

Ridgid MS255SR Miter Saw Dual Pivot Clamp Web

Best framing nailer

View Ridgid’s robotic cinching arm without bounds!

The flat rotate turns the cinch along the side where you require it. By squeezing in on the joint, a vertical rotate gives you a chance to cinch vertically of course. In any case, you can likewise point it for securing crown shaping and even place it on a level plane (however you’re constrained to around 1 inch of flat cinching). Improving things even, a snappy discharge on the clasp gives you the capacity to rapidly get situated before bending it down to secure the material. It helps me to remember the new Hart cinches.

Light and Laser Show

Since your material is secure, it’s the ideal opportunity for a laser and light show. Ridgid’s gravity LED swings inside its lodging to keep the LED light coordinated at a similar point through the cut. This abandons you with ideal light scope regardless of how tall or wide the material is that you’re cutting.

Ridgid MS255SR Miter Saw Gravity LED Web

Twin red lasers flank the edge inside the sharp edge watch. Ridgid aligned them out of the crate so the width between lasers is practically dead on the width of the cutting edge.

Ridgid MS255SR Miter Saw Dual Lasers Web Best framing nailer

Making the Cut

Coming to up to snatch the handle will give lefties a murmur of alleviation—the trigger security can be worked from either side. It’s fixated on the cutting edge, making it simple to work right-or left-gave. Ridgid additionally calculated the handle down marginally, giving you somewhat more use. It has a discernible effect in how much exertion it takes to bring down the cutting edge.

We tell individuals this constantly: Put an awesome cutting edge on a strong stage, and your saw will cut wonderfully. The Ridgid MS255SR 10-inch double slope sliding miter saw is no special case to this administer as the 15-amp engine drives the Diablo cutting edge to cut through wood with apparently little exertion. Resizing 2×4 and 4×4 weight treated timber didn’t make it appear as though we were putting any weight on the engine.

Ridgid MS255SR Miter Saw Action Web

Connecting the clean authority was another treat. I at first had worries about the separation between the base and clean chute. These were immediately quieted as an astonishing rate of tidy was expelled from each cut. It’s sincerely among the best I’ve seen. On the off chance that everybody got this privilege, our shops would be a ton more clean.

Ridgid MS255SR Miter Saw Dust Chute Web

Clean gathering on the Ridgid MS255SR miter saw was better than expected.

The front mounted controls make mitering and sloping more straightforward and considerably more charming. The miter stops are strong, and there’s no possibility of pushing out of or past the openings. On the off chance that anything, I’d get a kick out of the chance to have a couple of positive stops for the incline alterations and a little better sight line to the point markings.

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